PROFESSIONALLY, I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and After Effects animator. I like clean, flat, and bold. I work under the name Standard Design. SUBPROFESSIONALLY, which I’m pretty sure is a word, I am a writer, a cartoonist, and an art-maker. There are neat things for sale on ETSY. I have a book of comics and writing called Everything You Didn’t Ask For, and one of my current writing projects is One More Cup Of Coffee. UNPROFESSIONALLY, I play music. I’m the more-handsome and less-talented half of the drum & guitar duo The Demographic. I had a song on Car Talk once. I’ve released five albums. I was in a PIXIES video once.

Contact & Social Media

Contact: PO Box 880 Northampton, MA 01061 | 413-433-9087 | e-mail
Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | ETSY | YouTube | G+ | Medium
Other Sites: Standard Design | The Demographic | One More Cup Of Coffee

Upcoming Events & Things
ART/WRITING: MAY 17: MeCAF (Portland, ME) | OCT 24: BingCon (Springfield, MA)
THE DEM: MAY 22: SAC (Shutesbury) | MAY 25: Bishop’s (Northampton) | MAY 29: 13th Floor (Florence) | JULY 31: Luthier’s Co-op (Easthampton)