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Professionally, I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and After Effects animator. I like clean, flat, and bold. I work under the name Standard Design. This site does not deal with that stuff. That’s why I have that site.
Subprofessionally, which I’m pretty sure is a word, I’m an author, cartoonist, and an art-maker. I’ve released a few of books. I published a weekly comic for five years, then I stopped.
Unprofessionally, I write rock songs in the drum & guitar duo The Demographic. I had a song on Car Talk once. I had a bit part in a PIXIES video, too. That was weird.

My Graphic Work Has Appeared In These Fine Books

It’s Only Rock & Roll But I Like It: More Real Rock Art for Real Rock Bands (2013)
Gig Posters Volume 2 (2011, Quirk Books)
Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design (2009, Princeton)
Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design (2009, Gestalten)
Panda Meat Vol. 1 (2005, Last Gasp)
Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion (2004, Chronicle Books)

My Comics and Writing Have Appeared In:

Andromeda Spaceways, Huffington Post,,, The Boston Phoenix, Meat For Tea, Play (anthology), Laughing Squid, The Gigposters Coloring Book, Shelter (anthology), The Valley Advocate, Royal Flush magazine, I Want Your Skull, Letter X, VMAG, Aftertaste, Boston Accent Lit, Lollipop, FORTY-3, and Don’t Shoot! It’s Only Comics.

I Have Authored and/or Published These Mighty Tomes:

Broken Lines (2018)
One More Cup Of Coffee (2016)
Everything You Didn’t Ask For (2014)
OPT11 (2012 comic, OOP)
OPT10 (2011 comic, OOP)
Even Lions Will Fear You (2009 comic, OOP)
Famous Fighters (2006 comic w/ Matt Smith, OOP)
Failure, Incompetence (2005)
Through The Wood, Beneath The Moon (1998 comic w/ Matt Smith, Caliber Comics)
Alec Dear: A Dark Pome (1996 comic w/ Matt Smith, Xeric grant recipient, OOP)

I Have Recorded These Rocking Rock Albums

with The Demographic:
Listen Close (2013)
Bleak and Hollow (single, 2013)
Verse Chorus Curse (2011)
with The No-Shadow Kick:
Spatializing Sound In The Time Domain (2005)
The Promo EP (2001)
Basement Make-Out Party (1999)

My Work Has Appeared In These Shows and Exhibitions:

SORRY-GO-ROUND – The Green Bean, Northampton, Mass. (2016)
SORRY-GO-ROUND – The Rendezvous, Turners Falls, Mass. (2015)
LOOK 5 – FOE Gallery, Northampton, Mass. (2015)
dECAde – Easthampton, Mass. (2015)
LOOK 4 – FOE Gallery, Northampton, Mass. (2014)
Oya Festival – Oslo, Norway (2009)
Beans And Screens – Durham, NC (2008)
Art or Advertisement? – Charleston, SC (2007)
YINZ GOT POSTERS – Pittsburgh, PA (2007)
Graphic Noise – Museum of Design, Atlanta (2005)

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