Original Art & Prints


Here are some paintings, mostly from 2014-2015. Some of these may be for sale on Etsy.

Signs: Regret The Past, Ignore The Present, Worry The Future (sold)

Adapt (sold) / Massa-fuckin’-Chusetts! (sold) / Deepest, Darkest (Etsy)

acrylic on vintage crib headboards

Alonely / Ashameful

OH NO (sold) / Don’t Worry About Me (sold) / Be Uncomfortable

What Would Yabba Dabba Do? (sold) / Lock II / Bury Me Just A Few Inches Deep (sold)

I Think I'm Dead

I Made This Just For You (sold) / I Think I’m Dead (Etsy) / One Way (Etsy)


I’ve been cutting up old dollar bin record covers and making things. Some of these might still be for sale. Check Etsy.

Serious Eye Wave
That Party You Didn't Want To Go To
That Party You Didn’t Want To Go To
One Way
Everybody’s One Way
Empathy Gap
City Man
City Man
Flavor Savior
Flavor Savior

Screenprints & Art Prints

“Hello Darkness, My Old Friend” (available on Etsymore info here) and “You Need To Look Me In The Eye” (available on Etsy)

“Coffee The Earth” – a parody of the Sherwin-Williams logo. Available in the original red and blue and coffee browns. (digital)

Coffee The Earth


“Massa-fuckin’-chusetts!” screenprint (available on Etsy)