Audio Essays

Here are a bunch of short audio pieces I made for local radio shows (The Bill Dwight Show and LiberalOasis) back around 2007-2009. Most of these were rehashing old writing, and a couple were a little fresher. These are all available for broadcast via The Public Radio Exchange. Some of these pieces have appeared on WHMP (Northampton, MA), WILL (Urbana, IL), KUT (Austin, TX), KSFR (Santa Fe), KMXT (Kodiak, Alaska), KBRP (Bisbee, Arizona). 

TI-99/4A – BASIC jokes abound. (4:06 | text version)

THE FIGHTIN’ SEABEES! – In which the author intentionally mispronounces the word “nuclear.” (5:02)

I Think You Should Shut Up – So do it just shut up. (1:49)

Not Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun – In which the author almost loses his jelly. (4:11 | text version)

My Side Of The Story – Local in-jokes no one understands anymore. (3:00 | comic strip)

Art Talk: Typography – In which the author sprains a ligature while superscripting this story. (3:55 | video version)

Forgetting – In which the author Googles “Dysnomia,” and then, later, Googles “Dysnomia.” (4:45 | text version)

Glass And Metal – In which the author recycles a crappy thing he wrote almost twenty years ago. (3:35)

My Funeral, Your Trial – In which the author dies of boredom and writes about his out-of-office experience. (3:18)

MANDANNA! – In which the author can’t stand the scum in the streets any longer. With Shawn Reynolds. (2:28)

Board – It’s about a plank of wood I used to play with when I was a kid.(2:13 | video version)

Cultural Vampirism – In which the author defines what ‘hipster’ means and then ridicules it. (1:49 | comic strip)