Broken Lines

When demons burn a waitress’s life to the ground, she squeezes into a stolen rental van with a cowboy, a spaceman, and an elderly vampire, embarking on a journey of evil-fighting and bad road coffee. As Maggie’s past recedes in the rearview, questions arise:
What happens when a vampire decides to stop drinking blood?
How long should one irradiate an apple pie in a convenience store microwave?
Are all demons this brittle?
Is there a Dunk-A-Donut near here?

Government agents, freelance vampire hunters, and evil firemen pursue our heroes as they stumble through malls, Hell, and the bottom of a reservoir. Will Maggie find her way back home again? Does she even want to?

ISBN 978-0-9983278-1-5
226 pages | 50 illustrations
RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2018

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