REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS: One More Cup Of Coffee

“The laughs-per-dollar ratio is well in your favor, Dear Reader.”
– A.C., Amazon review

“My favorite comedic author in the world. Brilliant.”
– P.S., Amazon review

“…a laugh out loud love letter to the Valley.”
Amazon review

“Tom is a gifted observationalist — a bit biting and sarcastic in his views of the world, perhaps, but he has a keen eye for overheard conversations.”
Kevin Hodgson

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I stopped by the ol’ podcast shack to talk to Bill Dwight and Jaz Tupelo about my book Everything You Didn’t Ask For. Discussed: My soul, suicide, old movies, Charles Schulz, internet trolls, One More Cup Of Coffee (now a book you can purchase!), and other ramblings. I bet I will sell thousands of copies because of this! Check out a bunch of other cool stuff at The Bill Dwight Show.

(my bit starts at 24:30)

PROFILE: Hampshire Life

Tom Pappalardo was pouring himself a wake-up cup of coffee one day back in 2009 when some Simon & Garfunkel lyrics popped into his head. And that was all the inspiration he needed to come up with the idea for a silk-screened poster that’s become a big seller for him: “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend” is a 10-by-20-inch vertical print that depicts coffee being poured into a mug. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Rock Poster Artists series (

Tom Pappalardo (Standard Design) (US)
Graphic designer and illustrator since 1995 or so, Tom Pappalardo is running Standard Design which had received the honor of featuring in the new Gigposters book. Is this the only reason why Standart design is today featuring on the blog ? Certainly not as working for bands like Built To Spill, Clutch, Ween, Neko Case, Mission Of Burma, High On Fire, Mike Doughty, Bob Mould, My Morning Jacket is already THE good reason. Continue reading