Current Writing Projects

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Broken Lines

My longest-running unfinished project, Broken Lines is an illustrated novel I started back in 2007, or 1994, depending on how I feel like answering the question that no one asked. A waitress, a cowboy, and a spaceman on a cross country road trip in a stolen rental truck, fighting evil. I surprise myself because I still like and believe in this story, even though it is like an albatross made out of lead wrapped around my throat like a boa constrictor. It will be a thing you can read, some day, in some form, I guess. Currently written and edited, and 90% illustrated & laid out. Looking to shop it to ‘real publishers’ in 2017.

Mind The Gap

A time travel story I’ve been chipping away at for a couple of years. I think I wrote two full drafts and chucked the bulk of them out (the problem with writing time travel is that when you think too hard about it, it makes your face pop off). MTG is completed now, and is out in submission-world.


I’ve written a mucka 8,000 word plot outline for a sci-fi story set aboard a derelict spaceship. It’s a somewhat daunting project, but I’ve already written two sections of it. I’m liking it so far. Needs a second draft and some heavy thinking.


A series of science fiction short stories about a girl and her robot, set in a rural future where most people have left Earth behind. I’ve got three stories done, and ideas for a few more. The first story appears in issue #65 of Andromeda Spaceways.

Metal Quest

I’m in the early stages of working with Matt Smith (Barbarian Lord and Lake Of Fire) on a story that will undoubtedly include demons and heavy metal.

Nonexistent Works

All of my nonexistent writing is under exclusive contract with Naught Books.

Updated Dec. 2016