Dumb Videos

Here are some videos that I felt compelled to make for one reason or another, presented in reverse-chronological order from the nigh-present all the way back to standard def and a video transfer. Cripes!

Prerogafeld — A mashup/remix of Bobby Brown’s ‘My Prerogative’ & the Seinfeld theme (2018)
Silly Stories With Dad! — a cartoon-o-comic (2014)

The Crossword and Politically Correct — Two swell jokes for laughin’. (2014)

DeskDesk — Stabilize Your Workflow! (2017)
Replicants Don’t Wear Plaid — I put way too much effort into this. (2014)

BOARD — A comic and a radio essay combined into a video comic. (2010)
It’s Your Fault — More like ‘Bad Will Hunting’ get it (2013)

Now You Know — Graphic designers vs. bad menu design. (2009)
Art Talk: Typography — Graphic designers vs the world. (2009)

Turn It Up! — An actual kung fu-themed ad I made that aired on actual televisions. (1999)