Everything Else

Short Stories & Other Writing

An online archive of older and previously published writing. fiction, essay, humor, and a bunch of audio segments. Heck, there’s even a poem in there. Read short stories and other writing.

Standard Design

My portfolio of graphic design, illustration, and After Effects animation. Y’know, my day job. I’ve been graphically designing for over twenty years, fifteen of ’em self-employed. Visit standard-design.com

The Demographic

Sturgis Cunningham and I have been rocking as a duo since 2009, except sometimes we have a bass player, so I suppose that makes us a lousy duo. We play loud rock. Give it a listen, eh. Visit the-dem.com or jump right to bandcamp.

The Six

Documenting my 1966 Ford Mustang 200ci revival project.

YouTube: The Six playlist
Instagram: @fixthesix66

Coffee Stuff

My various coffee-themed projects from over the years, collected onto one page, because coffee.


I’ve taken my love of colorful old plastic and turned it into an Instagram account. Cataloging the North American Plastic Milk Crate, 1966-Present. Cratespotting on Instagram.


I usually balance a few long-term projects at a time, occasionally poking at them with a stick, and generally letting ’em gestate for a good long while. Information about Satellites, Metal Quest, The Curving Corridor, and more. Behold, the Works In Progresses.

Old Comic Book Projects

I’ve been making books long enough that I felt the need to delineate between ‘the early years’ and ‘the now-ish’ years, so here is a brief overview of my pre-2012 comic projects. These babies are definitely (definitively? defiantly?) out of print.

Comic Strip Archive

I published two weekly comic strips: Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! and The Optimist. The best-o-the-best made it into Everything You Didn’t Ask For, but the whole run plus more dumb meme stuff is archived online. Start with a random comic or some of my favorites and use the sidebar tags to poke around.

Easthampton Mural

In the summer of 2008, my friends and I painted a mural on the side of a bar on Cottage Street in Easthampton, Massachusetts. It’s still there and looks great! Good ol’ Benjamin Moore paint. Mural photos & info.

The Dregs

The leftovers! The stuff you clean out of the kitchen sink drain! The meritless parts of this website that belong nowhere but here at the very bottom of this long page.
★ Misc. announcements — Mostly for Instagram
★ Calendar Archive — Where I been
★ Dumb Videos — You heard me
★ Original Artwork — Collages, paintings, & prints
★ Gigposters & Flyers — an archive
★ Goofing around with a Baritone Jazzmaster
★ Goofing around with a 1998 RAV4
★ Interviews & Articles — me talkin’