Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (coffee art print)

In print since 2008 or so, this art print has been one of the more enduring things I’ve made. Ten plus years later and I’m still taking orders, still rollin’ posters and puttin’ em in tubes, still taking trips to the post office. It’s nice. I’m glad y’all like it. This design is currently available as a 2-color signed 10″x20″ screenprint and a 3″x9″ vinyl bumper sticker.

* The print and stickers are available in the store
* Or you can purchase on Etsy:  screenprinted coffee poster | 3-pack of stickers


Poster printed by Andy MacDougall at Squeegeeville Stickers printed by Andy Stern at Diesel Fuel Prints

hello darkness art print   hello darkness tshirt   hello darkness coffee mug

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Coffee The Earth (digital print)

A parody of one of the finest logos ever created – the Sherwin-Williams paint logo. Oh god I love it so much.

coffee the earth prints   coffee the earth coffee mug   coffee the earth tshirt

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“Hilarious shorts… a consistent supply of laughs.” — Publishers Weekly

At times, it’s laugh out loud funny, and at other times, you are like what the f—.” — Goodreads reviewer

“Beautifully illustrated… The book gave me distinct pleasure and joy.” — The Bill Dwight Show

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