HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (official poster)

THE POSTERS: The official poster for the cult video HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, capturing the essence of the Maryland Judas Priest tailgating experience, circa 1986! IT BELONGS ON effin’ MARS, MAAAAN. There are two variants available: the classic tan/muted version I made back in 2007, and the new 35th Anniversary Edition with updated artwork and colors (purple, etc). Both are 12×18 full bleed digital prints on #80 cardstock. These posters are also available on Etsy.

Which one do ya want?

THE MERCH: In the coming months, there will be new artwork and merchandise available over at www.hmpl35.com so GET READY TO PARTY. I’m super-psyched for the opportunity to create the official art for this bootleg VHS classic. Many thanks to filmmakers Jeff Krulik and John Heyn.

“Anthropological genius.” — Edward Norton

“One of the greatest rock movies ever.” — Cameron Crowe

Basically Rock ‘n’ Roll 101.” — Dave Grohl