Metal Quest

When Tracy and Rhawn play Infinitaur’s cursed metal record Wicked Curseworld backwards, they’re plucked from their high school lives and thrust into a strange land conjured from the album’s pseudo-mystical lyrics. To get back to the real world of 1989, the headbanging teens must free the imprisoned members of Infinitaur and confront a petulant demon and his army of doomed souls. Set your turntables to minus 331⁄3 RPM and embarkon this METAL QUEST.

[cue thunderous riffs]

A work-in-progress graphic novel collaboration with Matt Smith (Hellboy, Folklords, Barbarian Lord, Lake Of Fire). Visit to keep up with our lack of progress.

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★ Other collaborations with Matt Smith: Famous Fighters and Alec Dear
★ Updated March, 2021