Bands & Music Projects

I’ve been making music since I was 14, I guess. Some of it is pretty good.

The Demographic (2009-present)

We play loud rock. Tom Pappalardo & R. Sturgis Cunningham. We have released two EPs and a single. Our main site is over at

The Demographic: When I’m Dead and Letter


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Solo Stuff

I like to multitrack stuff at home and occasionally venture out for a solo gig.

This Town (2020) | Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher (live, 2016)

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Sometimes I try to get along with others for a short duration of time.

The Replacements’ Can’t Hardly Wait (Transperformance 2013) with Eugene Ferrari & Ben Licata | Let’s Go Crazy (Prince tribute show – live 2016, audio only) with Dana Wilde & Aaron Borucki.

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The No-Shadow Kick (1998-2005)

The No-Shadow Kick was a band that existed from 1998-2005, featuring Josh Gilb (v/g), Shawn Reynolds (g/d), Sturgis Cunningham (d), and me on bass. We released two albums and a holiday EP. You can stream or download ’em all for free via Bandcamp. you can read reviews & articles about NSK and peruse our mighty fine old gigposters & flyers.


HAPPY (1995-1998)

Coming soon?

TALLER THAN gOD (1990-1992)

My high school band! Come on! Dave Coppola (g), Jim Felker (d), Josh Gilb (v), & me on bass.

TALLER THAN gOD’s first show (Empire Theater, Manchester, NH, 1993) | Stare Into Me (MASSART video project, 1992/93)