Naught Books

NAUGHT BOOKS is a premiere publishing house dedicated to producing the finest crafted non-existent books. You can buy them if you’d like. Why would a person want to own a book that wasn’t real? We don’t know. Because this is goddamned America maybe? At NAUGHT BOOKS, we believe a publisher’s main priority is to provide the consumer with an item they can put on a shelf or leave out on a table, an object that will impress their friends and coworkers. Isn’t that what literature is all about?

(2003, 152 “pages”)
DESCRIPTION:On Writing Good: From Lukewarm Idea To Finished Novel And Back Again In Nineteen Unfathomable Steps is an essential crash course in content-generating as much garbage as humanly possible. Utilizing innovative cut-and-paste tricks and patented plagiarizing techniques, Pappalardo will show you a new frontier in page-filling. “Even a talentless idiot can write a book, and Pappalardo proves it on every page.” – Jack DeGlerb, author of Content Generators

(1954, 154 “pages”)
DESCRIPTION: Colonel M.P. Haskell has dedicated his career to this salvage mission, and he holds the future of mankind in his lap. Billions of lives hang in the balance—will he choose Earth’s salvation, or his own? “THE PEEING ASTRONAUT” is one of twelve new tales from the mind of visionary futurist Tom Pappalardo, including “MOON POLICE: 1980,” “CHROME HEARTS CAN’T BREAK, CAN THEY?” a brand-new novelette “HOVERBOYS,” and many more! Told with powerful excitement, these stories display a writer who is a master of his craft!