Here is a selection of work I’ve done since 2014. Some of these puppies are for sale on Etsy. You might also be interested in taking a look at my collage work.

Signs: Regret The Past, Ignore The Present, Worry The Future (sold)

Adapt (sold) / Massa-fuckin’-Chusetts! (sold) / Deepest, Darkest (Etsy)

acrylic on vintage crib headboards

Alonely / Ashameful

OH NO (sold) / Don’t Worry About Me (sold) / Be Uncomfortable

What Would Yabba Dabba Do? (sold) / Lock II / Bury Me Just A Few Inches Deep (sold)

I Think I'm Dead

I Made This Just For You (sold) / I Think I’m Dead (Etsy) / One Way (Etsy)