The Curving Corridor

A years-gone shipwreck resurfaces on the outer edge of civilization. Salvagers want its cargo. The owner wants it destroyed. The people on board just want to live.

A work-in-progress science fiction novel.

Behind The Scene:
I wrote a big ol’ outline.
11/2017: I produced many terrible paragraphs during NaNoWriMo 2017.
04/2018: I finally finished typing up my accursed handwritten notes, and I’ve put the project aside to simmer for a few months.
08/2018: I poked it with a stick and ran away.
02/2019: Three years since my initial note taking! Happy anniversary, paragraph heap. The flaws are now evident. I see a way to make it work, but I think I’m gonna have to largely start fresh, eliminate a bunch of characters, and not waste my time polishing a turd. Daunting; a bummer; will lead to a better book.
01/2021: And then I took a year off! And then there was a pandemic! And now there’s still a pandemic! I have tightened up the outline into a reasonable thing and I’m slogging through my previous draft to get it inline with the new outline. Writing is such a pain in the ass.