Nonadventures At The Dollar Store

On the latest episode of the Meat For Tea podcast, you can hear me fumble through a reading from a 2013 MFT event (at around 15:00).

The text version of “The Cash Register Tolls For Thee” is here.

S2 E17 Le Guerrier Cirque Meat For Teacast

Going back to the December 14, 2013 cirque, we have readings from that snowy night from Gerald Yelle and Tom Pappalardo, and performances from Azuza Inkh and Problem With Dragons. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

V666 Merch

If you lived in eastern Massachusetts in the mid ’80s AND watched a lot of UHF television AND you like Satan, you MIGHT enjoy this design — available on shirts, mugs, buttons, etc.

One of my favorite things about Dumb Internet Times is how easy it is to create a really stupid product that will appeal to almost no one. I made these so I could order one for myself. Maybe? You? Want? One? Too? j/k you don’t.

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I’ve always preferred the paper-book experience over e-books. Some of my stuff is only available on paper. I released these two limited edition chapbooks pre-pandemic, thinking they’d be cool OBJECTS to sell directly to people at book fairs and other events and then there were no more fairs and events. BYGONE and MIND THE GAP are fun short books and you might enjoy reading them. Available here.

Broken Lines Reviews

Pappalardo’s playful illustrated novel (after One More Cup of Coffee) tells a bizarre and frenetic story of pyromaniac demons dressed as firemen and a group of avenging heroes. Maggie, a waitress, asks for a ride home from work when her car won’t start, and she’s obliged by two characters named Cowboy and Spaceman. After she arrives home, the demons (ominously depicted in drawings with captions such as “WE’RE HERE TO BURN AND KILL”) set fire to her trailer park. Cowboy and Spaceman rescue Maggie, drawing her into a fundamental fight of good against evil. Continue reading