Latest RAV4 to-do list checkmarks – A. Swapped out the rear differential mount. This was stressful because I had to hold the differential up with a floor jack and that felt precarious. I was also afraid I might snap a bolt. I did not. It was actually pretty easy. B. Pulled the muffler off and finally did a proper job grinding out some rust, treating surface rust, and painting. I’d done kind of a half-assed job this summer while trying to work around the muffler. Hopefully this job’s quality level will jump up to three-quarter-assed. I’ll know in the spring. C. While I had the muffler off I painted it black because I had a leftover can of high-heat spray paint. D. I added a Class II 2″ trailer hitch, which is a little silly because the lil RAV really can’t tow much, but it was on sale.