Works In Progress

I usually bounce a few long-term projects at a time, and as the years go on the projects become larger, more ambitious, and increasingly unwieldy. I occasionally poke at them and generally leave them to gestate for a good long while. Here is what’s currently marinating in the background of my brain.

Updated June, 2021

Metal Quest

When Tracy and Rhawn play Infinitaur’s cursed metal record Wicked Curseworld backwards, they’re plucked from their high school lives and thrust into a strange land conjured from the album’s pseudo-mystical lyrics. To get back to the real world of 1989, the headbanging teens must free the imprisoned members of Infinitaur and confront a petulant demon and his army of doomed souls. Set your turntables to minus 331⁄3 RPM and embark on this METAL QUEST.

[cue thunderous riffs]

What Is It: A work-in-progress graphic novel collaboration with my talented-ass friend Matt Smith (HellboyFolklordsBarbarian LordLake Of Fire).

History: Started as a conversation at a comic con in 2016 (I think?) Metal Quest was originally gonna be a D&D type of thing until we decided to get HEEAAVVY. We developed a plot and characters and made a 12-page preview comic, which was somewhat premature since several years have now passed.

Current Status: I have a fully thumbnailed a ~200 page first draft. Matt is busy being a sought-after comic artist.

Visit to keep up with our lack of progress.

The Curving Corridor

A years-gone shipwreck resurfaces on the outer edge of civilization. Salvagers want its cargo. The owner wants it destroyed. The people on board just want to live.

What Is It: A work-in-progress science fiction novel.

History: I wrote a big ol’ outline in 2016, and produced many terrible paragraphs during NaNoWriMo 2017. The intervening years have been a heady mixture of thinking, ignoring completely, furious note-taking and plot restructuring, and a friggin’ pandemic.

Current Status: This project is an organized mess that somehow spans three separate Google Docs and a map. I’d say I’ve written a solid draft of about 1/4 of it. I will jinx myself by saying I will finish it in 2022/3.


What Is It: Satellites is a short story collection I’m vaguely aiming to release in 2022. It will feature speculative/science fiction stories I’ve had published in the last few years, as well as a clutch of unpublished stuff.

Current Status: I have a few stories still out for submission that I will eventually give up on. I have made a preliminary book cover design I quite like.

Short Stories

I currently have three story ideas bouncing around in the trunk of the car that is my um writing, uh, metaphor (well, y’know, things are always a bit clunky first draft). I’m working on another time travel thing in the Terminator/Looper realm, I have an outline for a Jesus story, of all things. Jesus! And I have a new outline of a very old story of mine that feels worthy of reviving: demons, cursed graves, etc etc. Will I get to any of these projects? Will you, dearest reader, ever read them? Who can say? Is anyone even looking at this web page?