Short Stories & Other Writing

A selection of published writing and older bits that I think are worth sticking somewhere on the internet, and that somewhere is right here.


Leaving Rebuilding friendships on post-exodus Earth [ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS]
Gigantic Big dog, small town [JUKED]
Broken Lines: LOFor Whom The Booth Tolls
The Peeing Astronaut — An excerpt from my nonexistent 1962 scifi collection


The Cash Register Tolls For TheeDollah stoah in a New Hampshah mall [MEAT FOR TEA]
Bam-Bam — Water the damned thing! [MEAT FOR TEA]
LucindaA brief dream
UHFPut on your rabbit ears
Sunday MorningDeath on every corner!
Rime Of The Ancient MarinaraWar stories at Subway after midnight [LETTER X]

Non-Fiction, Essay, & Other Random Bits

Notes From The Campsite I’m getting bit to all hell out here
EstateOh no, Gen-X mortality!
Run Defiant Wheezing
Take Me Out To The Ballga— Oh God They Have Snacks – Baseballs [VALLEY ADVOCATE]
The Curator Laid To RestA consumer’s eulogy [BOSTON ACCENT LIT]
Cartooning Vs. Technology – Thanks for nothing, Steve Jobs! [GIZMODO]
ForgettingOf course I remember your name!
Not Looking Down The Barrel Of A GunAdjacent to danger!
TI-99/4ABASIC, basically
Stunt Design“Can I make a buck off this?”

Book Excerpts

The following titles are available for preview (PDF):
Broken Lines (30 pages, 5 MB)
One More Cup Of Coffee (50 pages, 2MB)
Everything You Didn’t Ask For (25 pages, 5MB)  

Radio Essays

Short audio pieces I made for local radio shows back in 2007-2009. These are available for broadcast via The Public Radio Exchange. Segments have appeared on WHMP (Northampton, MA), WILL (Urbana, IL), KUT (Austin, TX), KSFR (Santa Fe), KMXT (Kodiak, Alaska), KBRP (Bisbee, Arizona).