Short Story Archive

A selection of published and older writing that I think is worth keeping somewhere on the internet, and that somewhere is right here.


ChosenDeath shows up early for an appointment. [Infinite Lives anthology or Third Flatiron’s Best Of 2019 collection]
GiganticBig dog, small town. [Juked]


BygoneA quiet piece of sci-fi originally published in Andromeda Spaceways
LucindaA brief dream
The Curator Laid To RestA consumer’s eulogy
Bam-Bam – Water the damned thing!
Broken Lines: LOFor Whom The Booth Tolls
Sunday MorningDeath on every corner!
UHFPut on your rabbit ears
Rime Of The Ancient MarinaraWWII stories at Subway after midnight


PiecesCreativity vs. adversity
Clear SkiesCoffee!
Take Me Out To The Ballga— Oh God They Have Snacks – Baseballing and so on
Cartooning Vs. Technology – Thanks for nothing, Steve Jobs!
ForgettingOf course I remember your name!
Not Looking Down The Barrel Of A GunAdjacent to danger!
TI-99/4AJokes about BASIC, basically
Stunt Design“Can I make a buck off this?”


All of my nonexistent writing is under exclusive contract with Naught Books.

updated March, 2021