“Tom is dangerous.” – Bill Dwight, Northampton City Council President

“What you have done may be considered a Hate Crime, we are looking into that right now.” – Joe

Fuck this comic and fuck it’s author, F-F-FUCK YOOOOUUUUUUuuuUUuuu..!!!!” – spram2

“I fucking hate this comic, it really pisses me off…Fuck the person who wrote this comic. Fuck it in the ASS. Is there a way to contact this pretentious asshole?” – spram2, again

“An interesting little gem of the gag strip variety.” – Art Patient

“I know its ‘just a comic,’ and I should ‘lighten up,’ but I will be goddamned if you’re comic is just plain obnoxious.”
– Mark Velard, local cartoonist

“I just discovered your posting of my comment I sent to you a while back. I would like you to either take it down, or correct the grammar mistakes. Also, please link to me!”
– Mark Velard, local cartoonist

“Succinct and sad at the same time.” – L. Martin

“Your cartoon is offensive to me, my God and my religion. A public apology is in order.” – F. Rizzo

I had to read the ad several times to realize that it was a parody.” – T. Leinroth

This just motivated me to leave a stale relationship.” – via reddit

“this made me laugh it been a long time sense that happened”
– A person on tumblr who can’t spell or form sentences

“…you’ve offended this reader, and I rather hope others, too.” – Karl Z.

“haha. sad.” – Sheila H.

“Hey asshole, perhaps you shouldn’t make cartoons where you try to sound smart about topics you are clearly ignorant to.” – Thomas J