REVIEWS: Easthampton Mural

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND IT’S UGLY: Comments culled from the Masslive Easthampton forum & elsewhere about the mural I painted in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

“less than mediocre” – 00013

“I know what is appealing to some isn’t appealing to all, but in my opinion, the proposed artwork (?) that is going to be displayed on the side of Wiskerz Pub will be an eyesore. I know the merchants on Cottage Street have worked hard to bring the street to what it is now, but to cover an entire side of a building with what looks like nothing more than graffiti is not going to do a thing for the area or Easthampton.” – FreedomMom

“it’s ugly” – fizzar

“Looks like a sweet design” – Mr Blonde

“The particular graphic design seems more suited to be shown on a smaller scale–perhaps on the cover of a brochure for Easthampton. These large jumbled letters will be mostly meaningless and confusing to drivers-by. I think that to please the majority in a fairly traditional New England community like Easthampton, a design that is in keeping with the traditional tone of the town would be more accepted and appropriate.”

“It seems like it is more inner city 1960’s urban renewal, than small “town” mural.”

“Lets see how many accidents it causes” – newowner1

“I think the mural will look nice. I live in that part of town & am delighted at how nice the Cottage St area has become. I love that’s it becoming such a creative and funky street with great little independent shops, and hope this trend continues. Public art will make it an even more intersting area.”

“I lke it and I think it meshes well with the art atmosphere.”

“Mural—Disgusting !!!!” – watchem

“The mural is very handsome and well suited for the location. Should be nice when it’s finished, in person.” – James R (via Art Parlor)

“this mural will brings thousands to E’ton, somewhat like the healing water of Lourdes does” – farandaway

“THAT IS SO UGLY!” – bubbleheaded

“Make Easthampton look bad!!!” – zippenby

“it’s done with flair.” – coyneup

“come out of the bar, about 12:30 am, in the dark, and it`ll probably look great” – newowner1

“came out killer, great work” – derekdeal

“The only thing “Easthampton” about the mural is the way it abstractly says it, although it imparts a feeling of ‘inner city Chicago 1978′” – HarleyRdKng

“I especially can’t wait to see it in 30 years when its all flaked off and bleached by the elements and looks like shit.” – crosshair

“I haven’t seen anything like this since the Bronx in 1975” – some dude

“LOVE IT!” – orangecream

“vandilism” – newowner1

Tempest in a Teapot –

In search of the mythical unicorn, so something equally rare, public art that everyone can agree on… The Easthampton forum on MassLive has been crackling with comments about the selection of a mural design to go on the side of Whiskerz Pub on Cottage Street. The project will begin in the spring.

Just like the transitory fit of pique over the installation of nude sculptures outside the old Northampton Courthouse, this too shall pass. Public art is like all art, it’s a subjective take. People decorate the inside of their homes differently, so it’s not to be expected that all will agree on how to decorate their community. What’s important is that it happens. More voices and expressions of art is better than fewer, or none. Whining is easy, doing is hard.

We tip our hat to Tom for putting in the time to develop a proposal and hope he keeps his chin up (while keeping his head down) during the process. Calmer seas are ahead.