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REVIEWS: Broken Lines (2007-2011)

A full and occasionally unflattering archive of reviews for the earlier graphic novel incarnation of Broken Lines (2007-2011ish). Read reviews of the 2018 book.

Even if the comic in question weren’t worth reading (and it is), Tom Pappalardo’s Broken Lines is worth your examination because man! Look at the design of that page and those books. I couldn’t possibly tell you why, but the design visuals just hooked themselves into my brain and are making me say Preeeetty. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Tom Pappalardo: The Face Behind Broken Lines (blogcritics.com)

Broken Lines: Book One of Four, Maybe is simply about good and evil. You have evil firemen vs. a Cowboy complete with six shooters, a Spaceman who feeds red licorice through his suit, and Maggie the waitress. These characters come together to form Standard Design’s delightful self-published illustrated novel. Continue reading